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Sharon B. Smith is a former news reporter and anchor who moved into sports and horse racing journalism at ESPN. She also worked on racing broadcasts for several years on NBC Sports. Since leaving broadcasting she has written half a dozen books, including works on racing, horse care and training, and the Civil War. Her latest book is about Dan Patch, one of the most famous athletes at the turn of the last century. Explore this website and you’ll learn more about Sharon and her work.


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Sharon’s latest book tells the tale of perhaps the most celebrated individual athlete of the first years of the 20th century. Anybody who read newspapers or listened to gossip at the livery stable knew about Dan Patch, the pacing horse who came out of the Midwest to conquer the racing world. He was fast and he was successful,  but most of all he was famous. The Best There Ever Was: Dan Patch and the Dawn of the American Century is the story of the horse who so perfectly represented his time and place that he reached a level of fame never seen before and rarely since.


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